BOX rules

  1. All matches must be completed and the results reported before the closing date announced. Any matches not completed by the closing date will be considered void.
  2. The winner is responsible for reporting details of the score on the scoresheet on the Club noticeboard (at Winner’s).
  3. Match and points allotted:
    1. A match will be the best of five games, if possible. Old scoring rules to 9 point should be applied. Alternatively, if both players agree, the new American scoring rule to 11 points can be applied instead.
    2. Scoring is as follows:
      Points allotted Game score
      Finished Unfinished
      6-1 3-0
      5-2 3-1 2-0
      4-3 3-2 2-1, 1-0
      3½-3½ 2-2, 1-1, 0-0
      6-0 Walkover (see point c below)
    3. If one player does not keep an agreed appointment and prior notification has not been given, the points scored will be 6 – 0 against the player.
    4. If a player is injured and cannot continue, the points scored will be the score at the time of injury (completed games only). A player who is injured or who has been advised not to play squash on medical grounds shall not play until he has fully recovered and/or has been advised that it is now safe to resume playing squash.
    5. For void matches the points scored will be 0-0.
    6. Any disputes will be referred to the Committee, whose decision will be final.
    7. The Committee takes the view that all reasonable efforts should be made to accept offered matches.
  4. The top player in each league will be promoted to the next higher league. The next highest player in each league will also be promoted to the next higher league subject to space being available following any successful challenge under rule 6(d). The bottom two players in all leagues will be relegated to a lower league.
  5. If two or more players are level on points at the end of a session, the order will be decided as follows:
    1. winner of their individual match
    2. most wins
    3. starting order
  6. Challenge games:
    1. Members may join the leagues either by making a successful challenge or by having their name added at the bottom of the lowest league.
    2. Existing league members may gain accelerated promotion by making a successful challenge against a player in a higher league. There should be at least one clear league between the challenger and the player challenged.
    3. Successful challengers from within the leagues will only be promoted to a higher league if they finish in the first three in the current session of their league.
    4. Successful challengers will be inserted at the beginning of the next session in the league order immediately below the player they have beaten. Challengers should inform the league secretary in writing of their win. No player will be relegated or fail to gain promotion as a result of accepting a challenge.
    5. Where several players simultaneously challenge into or leave the same league, the league secretary will make appropriate adjustments.
  7. Withdraws:
    1. Failure to play any matches in one session will result in automatic relegation.
    2. Failure to play at least two matches per session in two consecutive sessions will result in automatic removal of the player’s name from the league.
    3. Players wishing to withdraw from the leagues should inform the league secretary. A player who withdraws from the leagues may subsequently rejoin one league below that in which his name last appeared, without having to challenge. This does not apply to players eliminated in accordance with rule 7(b).
  8. All matches will be played in accordance with the rules of the World Squash Association .
  9. The ECSC Committee takes the view that every effort should be made to play all league games.