Season 2020-2021 Starting

The new season starts this week with the return of Veterans Squash on Thursdays and both ECSC Vets Teams at home. Next week it will be the Interclubs, alternating each week with the Veterans…

Also next week the Club Nights restart on Tuesday evenings, the format will change slightly to respect the COVID guidelines, with each court forming a mini-group to limit the contacts between players. Bring your masks for the common areas…

For the boxes, we will be contacting registered players to check the level of interest in restarting…

So I wish everyone a great and healthy season!

Intersoc 8th round results

Yesterday evening was a great night for our team!
We won 4-0 and 14 points to 4 against SWIFT 2.

We had a strong team composed of Eric, Kevin, Christof and Babis while our opponent were missing their usual #2 player.

Babis was mostly in control, mixing long shots and superb drop shots, and dropped just one game on his way to a comfortable win. Christof too was in total control and duly won 3-0. Kevin won a thrilling 1st set 17-15 and eventually won 3-1 in a match with plenty of errors on both sides. Finally Eric, played the match of the night. He won the 2 first sets against a extremely fit player, only too loose the next 2. He then found the energy and the focus needed to eventually prevailed in the decider. Well done!

This result should leave us in the middle of the ranking at half season. So everything is still possible.

For your agenda our next match is on 12 January 18:00 Castle club.

I take this opportunity to wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and a happy 2016.


Intersoc 5th round results

Hi all,

Yesterday evening, Tuesday 10 November, our team had a heavy defeat 0-4 and 3 points to 14 against a very strong Castle 1.

Our team was composed of Kevin, Christof, Manuel and Petr.

Kevin, playing as #1, had a tough match against another very fit opponent but still managed to snatch a set, eventually losing 1-3. Christof fought hard against a 16 year old teenager in a very close match but finally run out of steam and lost in 5 sets. Manuel was never far behind his opponent in another disputed match but unfortunately lost in straights sets. Finally Petr playing as #4, who was kindly replacing Robert injured, kept improving each sets but also lost in straights sets to a better player.
Next match should be easier ; )

For your agendas our next match (6th round) will take place on
Tuesday 24 November 20:00 at Castle Club (Wezembeek) against Bridgestone 1.

Intersoc 4th round results

Last Tuesday 21 Oct. our team won 3-1 and 12 points to 4 against AG Insurance 1.

Our team was composed of Kevin, Christof, Josep and Robert.

Kevin, playing as #1, lost his match 1-3 making too many mistake against an experienced players. Christof won 2 disputed sets and then finished easily against a tiring opponent. Josep, for his first match with ECSC, won a thrilling match in 5 sets against an opponent who was contesting too many points. Finally Robert, playing as #4, duly won in straights sets. Congrats to all players.

For your agendas our next match (5th round) will take place on
Tuesday 10 November 20:00 at Winners against Castle 1.