17 October

On Thursday 17 October ECSC1 made the trip down to Gosselies, but lost 3-1, with only Mitch managing a win. Artur was unlucky, leading well in the 5th, but ran out of steam, Enrique also lost a tough 5 setter and Rob lost 3-1, with all the games close fought.

ECSC2 did better, drawing 2-2, with John and Tim having good wins, Pierre losing a ding-dong 5 setter, and Youri unable to recreate his form in training, losing 3-0.

Both teams at home on 10 October

On Thursday 10 October both teams played at home.

ECSC 1 had a good 3-1 win, with only Artur losing a hard fought match 1-3, Mitch squeezing out a 3-2 win, and Enrique & Daniel showing no favouritism to their female opponents, both winning 3-1.

ECSC 2 had a tougher night losing 1-3, with only John winning 3-0 at No. 1, Jens & Rob losing 0-3 & 1-3 respectively and Tim somehow throwing away 6 match points in the 5th to lose 2-3.

ECSC2 play away against Le Parc

On Thursday 3 October, a makeshift ECSC2 team struggled away against South Parc, with only Mitch being able to adapt to the dodgy superfast ball, though Pierre was unlucky to lose out in the 5th after battling back from 2 down, and Rob & Tim would rather forget their games.

Second match of the season

On Thursday 26 September both teams had their second match of the season.

ECSC1 drew 2-2, with Artur narrowly losing 2-3, Mitch clinging tooth & nail to the 3rd to win 3-0, Daniel turning up the turbo to win comfortably 3-1, and Jens taking his time to warm up and losing 0-3.

ECSC2 had a harder time with John winning well 3-1 against a young fit opponent, Simon struggling for consistency going down 1-3, Tim going down 0-3 against young legs despite battling hard, and Youri entertaining the crowds in a 5 setter, unlucky to lose the 5th to finish 2-3.

Baptism of fire for ECSC1

The first match of the season was a baptism of fire for ECSC1, facing a younger, fitter team with everyone significantly outranked. Despite Fred’s support, predictably we lost 4-0. Mitch & John gave it a good go and managed to take a game each, Enrique fought hard to no avail, and Youri bravely sacrificed himself in the name of the team. On the positive side we won the lasagne eating and beer drinking competition…

New interclub season

E.C.S.C. is again fielding two teams in the LFS interclub competition. Our 2nd team had a lively start to the season, playing away at Winner’s on Thursday 19 September, and losing 3-1. Pierre fought well to save the honour with a 2-3 win, Mitch led by 2 sets but ran out of steam to lose 3-2, Gavin battled to a 3-1 loss, and Simon used his game as a warm-up session, going down 3-0 against an on-form opponent. Next week it’s the turn of our first team.

E.C.S.C. Summer matches v. Aramis Galactics & Les Rasta Raquettes

On 20 June E.C.S.C. Summer lost 3-1 after the long trip to Mons, but all the matches were well fought and in good spirit.

On 27 June E.C.S.C. Summer had a 2-2 draw against le Parc, in sweltering conditions. Mitch ground out a 3-2 win and was literally cooked at the end, Simon had match point in the 3rd, but lost his cool to lose 2-3, Tim decided it was too hot for mad Englishmen and got off the court as fast as possible, losing 0-3, but Gavin proved the opposite, winning 3.0.

E.C.S.C. Summer wins 1-3 against Les Rasta Raquettes

On Thursday 16 May E.C.S.C. Summer had a good result against Les Rasta Raquettes (Le Parc, Louvain-la-Neuve), winning 1-3.
Mitch set the tone by stomping on a young D1 upstart 0-3.
Frank, moaning and groaning about a cold, went on to a titanic battle, grinding out an impressive 2-3 win.
Gavin went next at 4th and cruised to an easy 0-3 win, despite taking pity on the guy in the 3rd and trying his best to hand it to him.
Simon wrapped up the evening, tried to borrow Frank’s excuse, then took the first couple of games to shake off the rust, heeded the Captain’s advice and fought back to take the 3rd, finally was unlucky in the 4th to go out 13-11, losing the match 3-1.
A very enjoyable meal followed with our sociable opponents.