Interclub competition

The Club participates in the inter-clubs team competition organised by the Ligue Francophone de Squash (LFS) (Brussels and Wallonia).

For the 2018-2019 season ECSC fielded two teams in the Federal 4th & 6th  Divisions respectively. Having finished the first half of the season in the bottom half of their respective divisions, they are now in play-offs 5 and 7.

The standards are quite high, especially for the first team, and the competition can be intense.

If you would like to join or want more information, please contact our competition coordinator Mitch Ward. Don’t feel shy about competition – it is the best way to improve quickly!

Calendar & results

This year’s captains are:


ECSC Interclub players after a good training session. From left to right: Enrique, Bram, Rob, Mitch, and Kevin.

There is a regular Interclubs training session with Alain Crabbe, the Winners coach, on most Monday lunchtimes at 13:00. For more details contact Mitch Ward.

N.B. To join the interclubs you will need your doctor to sign your medical certificate for the LFS stating you are fit to play squash.