Inter-companies competition (Intersoc)

The Club fields 2 teams (ECSC & Eurocontrol) in the Intersoc league, which is a less formal squash competition organised between Brussels-based companies and organisations. This is not an easy touch either, even if standards are not always quite as high as in the interclub league.

A season usually consists of 14 matches from early-September to mid-April, approximatively every 2 weeks. Most matches are played either at the Castle Club or at Winners.

To join the inter-sociétés team, contact John Riksten, who is always looking for reinforcements for the annual battle with NATO and Vinalgros for the league title.

Trophy intersoc 2013-2014 v2

ECSC 2 was champion of the 1st division in 2013/2014!


ECSC2 was champion of the Intersoc second division 2010/2011 (from left to right: Pedro, Nick, Kevin, Lars, and Robert).

ECSC1 champion

EUROCONTROL was champion of the Intersoc 1st division 2007/08 – 2009/10 – 2011/12 (from left to right: Clark, Don, Kim, Paul, Jens).