Inter-companies competition (Intersoc)

The Club fields 2 teams (ECSC & EUROCONTROL) in the Intersoc, which is a less formal squash competition organised between Brussels-based companies and organisations (Intersoc website). This is not an easy touch either, even if standards are not always quite as high as in the interclub league.

A season usually consists of 14 matches from early-September to mid-April, approximatively every 2 weeks. Most matches are played either at the Castle Club or at Winners.

To join the inter-sociétés team, contact Pedro Garcia, who is always looking for reinforcements for the annual battle with NATO and Vinalgros for the league title.

Last season our ECSC team finished 7th, and our friends of EUROCONTROL took the club honours to finish 6th in the 1st division. This season both teams are again playing in the 1st division.

Calendar on the Intersoc squash website (please choose the 2018-2019 season at the top right).

Trophy intersoc 2013-2014 v2

ECSC 2 was champion of the 1st division in 2013-2014!


ECSC2 is champion of the second division Intersoc 2010-2011 (from left to right: Pedro, Nick, Kevin, Lars, and Robert).

ECSC1 champion

EUROCONTROL is champion of the 1st division Intersoc 2007/08 – 2009/10 – 2011/12 (from left to right: Clark, Don, Kim, Paul, Jens).