Summer interclubs

ECSC fielded a team in Division 3 of the LFS summer interclubs. A match was scheduled every Thursday evening from 19 April to 28 June (except 10 & 17 May), with the final three matches to be played on Saturday 30 June. The match on Thursday 28 June clashed with the England-Belgium World Cup match, and was rescheduled for Friday! We fielded a full team of four players for every match, drawing on a pool of twelve players (Frank Beaver, Daniel Petrilak, Mitch Ward, Pierre Dybman, Gert Rammeloo, John Riksten, Gavin Evans, Tim Cooper, Rob Peters, Nick Mac Gowan, Jens Fischer & Simon Smith), and finished mid-table (4th out of 7).

In 2017-2018 ECSC fielded 3 interclub teams (in divisions 4, 6 & 7) and two inter-company teams (in divisions 1 & 3). In 2018-2019 ECSC will field 2 interclub teams and 1 inter-company team. If you’d like to join one of our teams, please contact Mitch Ward.


How to become the best squash referee in Belgium?

Dear Players,

Two new refereeing sessions for N1 and N2 are going to be organised by the LFS.
N1 as you may know is basic knowledge of the rules and all of us we should have it. It is only half-day session.

Some of you followed N1 session therefore you are entitled to go to N2 which will allow you to referee Tournaments in Belgium. It is more comprehensive session than N1 and you must study the rules (before the session) as there is an exam (multiple choice) which you have to pass in order to get the certificate.

Find all the info for the two sessions here:

If you are interested in any of them, please let us know as ECSC may cover the tuition fees.

Best regards,

ECSC 3 – Abbaye S.C. 2

Well, in standard sports reporterese, “The boys done good”. A very respectable draw against a solid team.  In fact the moral victory was with us as we carded 8-7 in sets in our favour. Rob (Peters) and Gabor (Gal) put in strong performances to beat their opponents convincingly, while Pierre (Dybman) was unlucky to see his 2-0 lead hauled in by a recovering Abbaye player. Simon (Smith) – as usual – “took one for the team” and went down with all guns blazing (and some blood flowing!) to a strong no. 1 less than half his age. A pleasant bunch who are hoping to be promoted if they can secure third place.

Simon Smith

ECSC 3, in the winning mood!

A very satisfactory – especially personally – result; with the majority of our team present winning!

I gather Tim came up against a very in-form opponent and went down in straight sets. Josep stormed to a 2-0 lead against a svelte, heavily-tattooed young lady before losing his way to her precision front-court work as she levelled 2-2. Fortunately, following some empathic coaching from Tim & Simon, he rediscovered the back court and stormed out to a 3-2 victory. A thrilling “Beauty v. the Beast” clash. Modesty prevents a detailed description of Simon’s 3-1 victory (long overdue!) against a nimble and higher-classified opponent; however it was one of his strongest showings for a long time and drew directly on the recent Monday training sessions.

Simon Smith


ECSC 1 – Nothing but good news!

Good things come to those who wait (and persevere I would add). Yesterday at Winners, ECSC 1 celebrated its first victory of the play-offs. Against one of the Lasne teams. Strong opponents, as always, as they played 3rd division before Christmas and are fighting not to be relegated. Lasne 1 formed quite a balanced team, composed of only C-players (they left both their B and D-players at home). Not a very wise decision as they had no chance to get a good result against a very motivated ECSC team.

Our number 1, Artur, had a tough and nice to watch match against a former B-player who eventually got frustrated, and completely exhausted, because of a strong and consistent Artur. The result: a 3-2 victory. Pedro and Enrique had quite comfortable matches, only Pedro conceding a game to his opponent. Enrique won in three straight games. Herewith, the expected Spanish victories were reality. Pity that Rob had no chance against a fit C3-player, who beat him 3-0.

You want more good news? Well ECSC 1 has left the last position of the play-off, and will not return there. Moreover, we have played one match less than the rest of the teams. On our way up. Where will it end?

In any case, we said last week there was room for improvement. Here it is already! Let´s continue our campaign with the same ingredients:  high squash level, fun on the courts and occasionally some suffering.

(Story by Pedro)